dear committee members

The Shakespeare Requirement

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dear committee members

Dear Committee Members

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The Unbearable Book Club for Unsinkable Girls

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Black Box

Delacorte 2008 “An expert use of metaphor, combined with sympathetic insight into the impact of depression on families, turns a painful subject into a standout novel.” — Publishers Weekly (starred review) “A readable, ultimately uplifting book about a difficult subject.” –School Library Journal (starred review) Learn More

The Books of One Hundred Truths

Delacorte 2006 I should probably mention something right now before this story goes any further: my name is Theodora Grumman, and I am a liar. It’s hard for Thea to write four truths a day in the notebook her mother gave her for the summer… 2007 Minnesota Book Award Winner—Young Adult Literature Learn More

The Chain Letter

Delacorte 2005 Livvie isn’t superstitious like her best friend, Joyce, who thinks everything is bad luck. So Livvie isn’t worried about tearing up the chain letter and throwing it away until she’s humiliated in gym class, falls down her back stairs, and gets invited to Thanksgiving dinner at Peter Finch’s house… Learn More

Grass Angel

Delacorte 2004 “Anyone who has ever felt abandoned will relate to Frances Cressen, the 11-year-old heroine of Schumacher’s introspective and funny first novel for young people…. Schumacher convincingly depicts the not-always-rational, up-and-down emotions of preadolescence with humor and compassion….” -Publishers Weekly (starred review) Learn More

An Explanation for Chaos

Soho Press 1997 In this collection of stories, Julie Schumacher captures the intensely visceral dynamics of family, the inextricable bonds of siblings, and the dangers and mysteries of adolescence, all rendered with a pathos that is totally original. “Unusually intelligent, confident, and moving… Tuning one moment into the frequency of Flannery O’Connor, another into that of J.D. Salinger.” –Kirkus Reviews Learn More

The Body is Water

Soho Press 1995 “Quirky… vividly original… marvelously poignant… painfully funny… a magnetically lyrical, bittersweet, and resonant tale… pure bliss from its lovely title to its ineffably moving denouement.” -Booklist Learn More